Gold Coast Reefs & Wrecks | Double Dive

06:45 am - 01 April 2018

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2/3 Parneno Street
Surfers Paradise QLD  4217

This double dive will get you to dive either Migaloo Reef, Greta's Reef, 80Foot Reef, Mermaid Reef and/or the historic Wreck of the Scottish Prince. We will choose the best sites on the day based on diving conditions and experience level of all aboard. On a perfect day with flat seas, we may even head to Palm Beach Reef. We also have protected back-up dive sites should weather be against us.

o Double boat dive to the nearby reefs and wrecks
o Hire gear available on next page
o Snacks, fresh fruit and hot soup provided in between dives
o Courtesy BURKE spray jackets to keep you warm (colder
months only)
o Free parking at Marina
o Toilet and shower facilities available at the marina

Please note that during the week (Monday to Friday), we will only dive the Scottish Prince Shipwreck rather than the reefs! On Saturday and Sunday as well as on selected other days including public holidays, we will dive the wreck and the reefs (depending on conditions) and provide an in water dive guide for your convinience. Feel free to contact us before you book to confirm the itinerary on a specific day.

This beautiful large dive site is located right in between the Scottish Prince Shipwreck and Greta's Reef in close proximity to the Gold Coast Seaway entrance. It is about 200m in length and 150m wide. The rocky reef is about 17-19m deep and consists of boulders and bommies with sandy patches separating them. There are 2 sections, the large main area and a smaller isolated section to the east separated by sand. The marine life is diversified and includes huge amounts of small fish, coral, lots of wobbies, rays, nudis, murals, turtles and so much more. The area is known for passing dolphins and sharks hence, a surprise once-in-a-lifetime encounter could be on the cards for the lucky one's.

The Scottish Prince’s underwater superstructure lies in about 10m of water and is a habitat which provides food and shelter for a variety of marine life including sponges, corals, pelagic and reef fish, rays, octopus and wobbegong sharks. During the summer months, leopard sharks and shovel nose sharks are often seen as well. The bow of the iron hull is pointing towards the shore and is broken into three main sections. The bow and stern are both reasonably intact; however the side plates and decks have collapsed. One of the best features of this site is its simplicity. It is easy to navigate and does not require a dive guide. It is also shallow which allows for long dive times on a single tank usually around 1 hour.

This hidden treasure is not far from the Gold Coast Seaway entrance and lies in about 18m to 20m of water. The site consists of several long boulders that run parallel to each other and several small to large colorful bommies. The sand (bottom) has a depth of 20m however, the boulders and bommies raise up to 16m hence, the site is suitable for Open Water Divers.

The rocky reef has a variety of marine life including nudibranchs, feather stars, flat head, sole, moray eels, lion fish, hobbies, zebra lion fish and much more. Feeding dolphins and sharks are frequently seen at this site.

As the name leads you to believe, this large reef follows a 25m+ depth contour and is a little bit further out at sea but often in cleaner water than the other sites. Divers on the boat must be certified as Advanced Open Water Divers or higher for us to visit this site. There are large bommies that extend up to 5m and boulders formations.

This is a large dive site that extends over several hundred meters. The reef consists mainly of coffee rock and is broken up into several sections. The largest section in the centre offers a great playground with lots of marine life. The depth is between 17m and 21m. The reef is about 15min boat ride south off the Gold Coast Seaway Entrance, hence swell and wave height need to be in favour. The marine life is similar to our other reef however, Mermaid does give you a different feel.

The cracker of all the reefs however the site that comes with the longest boat ride and is therefore infrequently visited. It is easy to dive and reasonably shallow. The reef covers a significantly large area and consist of rock, overgrown with marine fauna such as soft coral and sponges which provides a fantastic underwater playground for all sorts of marine life. During summer, it is a hot spot for Leopard Sharks. Due to the size of the reef, it is ideal for double dives.

In rare circumstances, if the conditions should turn unexpectedly and if tide times permit it, the second dive can be conducted at either Wave Break Island as a calm and protected back-up site or as a drift dive from the Seaway Entrance along the the southern or northern rock wall. This dive is truly spectacular and relaxing as the current of the incoming tide will do all the hard work for you.

Be qualified as an Open Water diver with any agency and a confident diver
You must present your diving certification card on the day
You must use a dive computer
You must carry a snorkel and Safety Sausage (Queensland Law)

Our is a fast custom built 6m rigid inflatable with aluminium hull. The boat is fully set up for diving with tank rack, ladder and a shade canopy. Further features include an audio system and all legally required safety equipment. Our top speed is 40knots with a cruising speed of 25 knots depending on wave height.

The vessel will be parked on the trailer right at the marina entrance. Try to park as close as possible to the boat and come over with your dive equipment. We will fully load the boat prior to launching it via the adjacent boat ramp.

Please make sure you read our Terms and Conditions incl. our Cancellation Policy, which are available on the check-out page prior to completing this booking. Please refer to your confirmation email once you have booked online for detailed instructions and directions.


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