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"An archaeologist's guide to the great food and wine of Le Cinque Terre Italy," tour dates are as follows:

1-4 September 2014
22-25 September 2014

Join us for an unprecedented four day tour of Le Cinque Terre, where you will spend the majority of your time in the company of locals and genuine experts, whom will tell you all about the area's history, flora, fauna, food and wine. During our stay, we will explore the pastel-coloured medieval towns and coastline of Le Cinque Terre by foot, and join a genuine fishing boat excursion into the Ligurian Sea. Stroll along the enchanting Rio Maggiore to Manarola track (rarely visited by tourists) to see century-old vineyards and olive groves growing along man made terraces. Depending on your travel dates; you may experience grape harvesting at the Bonanini vineyard and/or a visit to his acclaimed cellar, home to the prized, schiaccetra', a rare, strong and sweet wine made from sun-dried grapes. Enjoy authentic Le Cinque Terre cuisine along the picture perfect harbours at Rio Maggiore and Vernazza and in the Possa vineyard overlooking the Ligurian Sea. Learn the cooking traditions of the area via local pastry chefs and cooks who will teach you how to prepare the world famous Trofie al pesto genovese and le crostate (fruit tarts).

Le Cinque Terre tour includes:
3 nights accommodation at a hotel of a minimum of 4 stars, 3 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 4 dinners showcasing the areas authentic regional specialities, fully guided tour by archaeologist and Elysian Tour Director, Lucia Lancellotti for the entire tour, 2 cooking classes, a tour and dinner at the award winning POSSA vineyard and cellar overlooking the Ligurian Sea, entrance fees to the Le Cinque Terre National Park, boat excursion on the Liguran Sea, transport by regional rail within Le Cinque Terre and deluxe coach pick up from Genoa. Guest lectures by representatives of the National Park of Le Cinque Terre.


6 DAYS/5 NIGHTS, "An archaeologist's guide to the great food and wine of Sardinia," tour dates are as follows:

1. 9-14 SEPTEMBER 2014
2. 30 SEPTEMBER - 5 OCTOBER 2014

Be wowed by the archaeological and culinary legacy that many overlords and colonizers have left on the island. Walk through Nuragic, Phoenician, Punic and Roman towns such as the UNESCO heritage listed, Su Nuraxi Barumini, Nora, the well sanctuary at Santa Cristina and the Tombs of the Giants at Siddi' for unprecedented megalithic architecture at its best. You will be dining on meals prepared by Michelin chef, Robert Petza and partake in his famous Sardinian cooking class. Sardinian fishermen and shepherds will share with you centuries-old recipes of pecorino cheese, mirto, suckling piglet and fish roe. Savour the taste of Sardinia's famous wines - such as the full bodied red Cannonau and white Vermentino. See Sardinia's natural beauty, from the turquoise waters of the Emerald Coast (La Costa Smeralda) to the RAMSAR protected wetlands of the Campidano Plain - it will be etched in your memory forever.

The Sardinian component includes:
5 nights accommodation at a hotel of a minimum of 4 stars, 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches AND 4 dinners showcasing the areas authentic regional specialities, fully guided tour by Sardinian archaeologist and Elysian Tour Director, Lucia Lancellotti for the entire tour, 4 cooking classes or demonstrations by world famous Michelin star chef Robert Petza and Sardinian shepherds and fishermen, tour of the Pasta della Sardegna Pasta factory, entrance fees to six archaeological sites and several museums, 6 days of touring the island in a deluxe coach.

Either tours to Sardinia and Le Cinque Terre can be done together or independently in September and October 2014.


1. 5-8 SEPTEMBER 2014
2. 26-29 SEPTEMBER 2014

Elysian Tours is a company specialising in group tours of the Mediterranean with debut packages of Sardinia and Le Cinque Terre in September-October 2014. Founder and Tour Director, Lucia Lancellotti, is an archaeologist who has worked in the Mediterranean for twenty years. A genuine regional specialist, she has studied and extensively travelled the historically rich destination including the islands of Crete, Sardinia, Sicily and the Italian Peninsula including Le Cinque Terre.

Lucia holds a Bachelor of Arts, Honours and Masters Degrees in archaeology at Monash University. She is currently completing her PhD dissertation topic, The Reconstruction of the ancient port of Neapolis, Sardinia in the School of Geography and Environmental Science at Monash University. Lucia has been awarded various scholarships and grants from the Department of Classics and Archaeology (Monash University), School of Geography and Environmental Science (Monash University) and The Institute of Aegean Prehistory to conduct her Masters Degree research in Crete. Her PhD research in Sardinia was possible due to additional awards and fellowships from Monash University, the Sardinian Cultural Association of Victoria and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarship. This funding enabled Lucia to live on the island to research her PhD dissertation over several years. Over the last twenty years, Lucia has had access to many archaeological collections, libraries and sites and subsequently developed a deep knowledge of Sardinia and the Mediterranean. She has also befriended a number of locals over the years, so for her, returning to Sardinia is like going home.

Over the past decade, Lucia has also been employed as a researcher/Liasion Officer for Monash University's, "Cultural Landscapes and Sustainable Tourism in Le Cinque Terre National Park", a third year course in the School of Geography and Environmental Science, Monash University. In this role Lucia has learnt a great deal about Le Cinque Terre and this work has fostered a very strong bond with the area and its people - including the Le Cinque Terre National Park Managers.

The tourS, "An Archaeologist's guide to the great food and wine of Rome, Sardinia and Le Cinque Terre", examines the way the landscape and various overlords and colonizers that have occupied the areas over the last 8,000 years have left their distinct legacy in the region's cuisine. The tour was conceived from Lucia's love for the archaeology and history of the areas in question and her passion for regional Italian cuisine. The latter began at a young age when Lucia worked alongside her mother in the kitchen of an Italian restuarant in Melbourne and culminated when visiting places like Sardinia and Le Cinque Terre where foods were exceptionally simple but exceedingly rich in flavour.

Born to both Italian parents, Lucia is fluent in the language and has previously worked for AAT Kings as an Italian speaking tour operator at Uluru in the Northern Territory. She knows what it takes to make a tour extraordinary and adventures with Elysian Tours are no exception.

Cultural tours of Rome, Le Cinque Terre and Sardinia, Italy

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