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In the year 2000, CEO and founder of Hyland Investments Corporation, Jeff Kollen, was approached by a marketing group to set up the same comprehensive strategy as Hyland does for their clients today.

The only problem was that the company that serviced Jeff and his wife setting up the strategies, had no scruples or ethics, and they clearly over promised and under delivered on what they were offering. But, despite this, the strategy still worked. It was then that Jeff realized if he provided an above average service, and exceeded people’s expectations, there was a great window of opportunity to meet the need.

After doing a study on Australian retirement statistics, the size and magnitude of this need became evident to him.

A simple analysis of the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that more than 90 % of all Australians retire on less than $ 400 per week. This in spite of the fact that more than 60 % of Australian households own their own home.

With a passion to create awareness among as many people as possible, that thankfully most people ARE in a position to do something about it, he set about putting together a team of professionals to address this need.

These teams of professionals are ‘handpicked’ individuals and professional companies that are highly proficient in their particular field of expertise.

All Hyland clients are assured that while dealing with the referred licensed specialists through Hyland Investments Corporation, that they are all suitably qualified and accredited to assist and guide them through the complexities of planning for their future.

Professional Expertise

Our professional team lives and works ‘by example’. They have built up an impressive list of satisfied clients.

They put back into the industry, what the banks have taken out; personalized Service.

“The structure that you are going to be set up in is the catalyst to “fast track” you from where you are today, to where you want to be tomorrow. With 2,000 mortgage products out in the Australian market place today, how can you be sure that you have the one that best suits your particular circumstances? Are you prepared to take the chance of wasting tens of thousands, more often hundreds of thousands of dollars being in the wrong structure?”

Many Hyland Investments Corporation clients have fast tracked their financial position beyond their wildest expectations. From being in a position of ’year after year’ of not being structured correctly and therefore not managing their income wisely, thus wasting countless thousands of dollars in past interest payments and tax, and then by getting on the right path and being disciplined.

“Ongoing high touch, customer service with monthly budget monitoring is the very thing that our clients need to make new ‘good’ habits for their future success”.

Marketing Philosophy

At Hyland we understand that Marketing is an essential function of any business.

It’s all about encouraging people to exercise their choice by making an investment in return for the use of your services. It stands to reason then that the best place to start is with those people who have made this choice in the past – your existing clients.

At Hyland, all of our business comes either from repeat business from existing clients and referrals from them or other licensed professionals.

We invite you to take advantage of our free consultation and we look forward to the pleasure of meeting with you in the future.

Coming from a premise of “You can’t lead anyone to a place you haven’t been yourself” Jeff Kollen is committed to showing people how everyday Australians don’t have to settle for second best.

Ten years ago Jeff was approached by a company to set up a similar comprehensive strategy that the Hyland Investments Corporation specialises in today.

While the intention behind the concept was sound, the scruples and ethics of the people left a lot to be desired. Notwithstanding this unfortunate match, the strategy still worked in Jeff’s favour. This was the catalyst that set the course for Jeff’s vision. His vision was to create a team of professionals and referral partners to provide this much needed service to the Australian people.

Jeff’s passion to helping every day Australians achieve the lifestyle of their choice, is demonstrated and clearly evident after only a short while in his presence. His communication style is warm, relaxed, convincing and engaging.

“Our process is simple, structured, informative, easy to understand and always without obligation. We share information, provide options and put our clients in a position where its easy for them to make a decision. Either way, our clients always come through our process better educated and confident, whether they choose to proceed or otherwise.”

Catriona Hanneman has been a broker since 2008 offering an obligation free, friendly and professional service. She is fully accredited with a diverse range of lenders to find our clients the best loan product and structure.

Whether it is purchasing or building your dream home or investment property, restructuring or consolidating your debts, Catriona will guide you through this process to ensure that you not only get the loan and advice you require, but the loan that will achieve your objectives in the timeliest and most stress free manner possible.

We welcome and look forward to you becoming a lifelong client and providing you with a range of services that go beyond merely filling in loan application forms.

By looking at your big picture and improving your financial situation, Catriona can assist clients in increasing cash flow by reducing their monthly interest repayments, showing how you can pay out your loans earlier.

Helps people set up financial strategies to pay off debt fast, and retire earlier than 65

Step 1 – Introduction

The first step in this 5 step process is an introduction to Hyland Investments Corporation. It is conducted in the comfort of your own home or, if you wish, you could choose to meet at our offices at a time that is convenient to you.

This cost and obligation free consultation is an information sharing exercise, where we show you how we can potentially help you. It will inspire you and assist you to identify your current situation and what steps can be taken to move in the direction of your choice.

This one hour presentation is interesting, factual and an ‘eye opener’ for anyone regardless of their financial situation.

After discussing some personal goals and reviewing your current position, you then have the choice to invite us back for step two.

If you do choose to invite us back for step two, we will gather some information from you and set the date for the second appointment.

In the second appointment (step two) we will explain in greater detail how one of our financial specialists can assist you.

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Step 2 – Financial Summary Report

A Financial Summary Report is prepared using the information gathered at the first meeting. This report is based on information that pertains specifically to your situation.

The second cost and obligation free step in this process is where a summary of the report is presented to you in a second meeting at a place and time that is convenient to you.

The purpose of this summary report is to give you an overview of the strategies and opportunities that are available to you. This report is tailored specifically to your personal needs and situation.

Based on the results of this report you are able to choose to proceed to the next obligation free step.

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Step 3 – Financial Specialist Appointment

At step three, we arrange a meeting for you with the Financial Specialist.

The Financial Specialist will present and explain in greater detail the report that was presented to you in step two.

At this meeting you will begin to appreciate the scale and extent of the opportunities that are available to you and gain a clearer understanding of your personal plan.

If you are fortunate enough to qualify for a balanced portfolio of Property or Shares, Managed Funds or a Self Managed Super Fund, you will be amazed at how quickly bad debt is removed through prudent strategies implemented by our Licensed Professional Fund Managers.

Due to most people’s time constraints, we find that the majority of our clients choose to do step three, four and five all on the same day.

We will, however, not proceed to step four unless you are absolutely convinced that you wish to proceed with the implementation of the plan that was prepared for you in the report and validated by the Financial Specialist at step three.

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Step 4 – Property Inspection Day

At step 4 you are then ready to sit back and inspect a range of pre-selected investment properties that will suit your individual requirements.

The range of properties would have been pre-selected in accordance with Hyland’s stringent Seven Key Infrastructure Criteria.

We ensure, as standard practice, that any properties selected have all seven boxes ticked. If any of the seven key criteria are missing, we will not show it to our clients.

Every property will be a total turnkey package with no extra expenditure. This results in guaranteed peace of mind. A great deal of time and effort is spent on research, narrowing down the selection process.

Typically after our extensive research, in most cases our clients will usually see only four to six selected properties, which saves time and frustration.

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Step 5 – Conditional Contract Documentation

Having selected an investment property that matches all your requirements, your property investment consultant will arrange the fifth and final step and refer you to a local legal representative.

Before committing to anything, Office of Fair Trading Legislation stipulates that all documentation is reviewed by your own independent 3rd party Solicitor. Your Solicitor will oversee and finalise all the relevant documentation on your behalf.

Your Solicitor has a professional mandate to represent you, and your best interest. Your Hyland Investments consultant is not present during the fifth and final step. So in no way will you feel under pressure.

Having ensured that the contract documentation is in order, you will be presented with all the documentation by your Solicitor for the final signature.

Contract documentation will be subject to approval of all the necessary finance approval as well as Government legislated cooling off periods.

This is a five working day period, not from when YOU sign but only from when the Vendor accepts the contract, signs and dates it.

Our aim at conclusion of step five is to ensure that our service is looked back upon as having been a pleasurable experience, with the knowledge and conviction that any decisions made, have been the right ones.

At this point, we reach the stage where we enter into an ongoing relationship.

Every property needs specialized management to ensure that both the income and property stay in optimum condition. In each area, a professional property manager has been identified to perform on your behalf.

The tenant will complete a formal application with strict background searches of the highest security to establish the best suitable long-term result for you. The results will be forwarded to you for your approval before the lease is completed.

Our property management teams use a professional but firm approach; in turn, the tenant actually appreciates this type of management as it keeps them in check with their responsibilities to you, the landlord.

What really sets Hyland Investments Corporation apart from other companies is that instead of just working for you, we pride ourselves on working with you. Our clients find the comfort and security of ongoing weekly and monthly support programs to be an innovative approach to constantly keeping them in the loop and involved.

Our commitment to our clients is enthusiastically reflected by the feedback we receive. This feedback is a vital part of growth – for our clients and for the company. Our reporting systems have been fully developed in-house and they are state of the art. The extensive trail of communication with all people relating to the needs of our clients is reported via a fully documented system for our clients’ peace of mind.

The final stage in assisting you is to offer access to accounting specialists who are experts in tax reduction specific to this type of investing.

Every year we offer you a free financial review, with a view towards re-assessing your financial situation and providing you with an additional summary report.

In many cases our clients, if sticking to the disciplines of the strategies provided for them, are in a position to invest again within a very short space of time.

With this in mind, our association with our clients becomes a non-obligatory 15 or 20 year, hand holding relationship.

Help get people out of servitude to the banks.
Teach people financial literacy, cost and obligation free.

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