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Peace Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teaching Course Information
This course will provide you not only with a life-long livelihood, but also a life, ‘long’, ‘enriched’ and ‘fulfilling’.

Yoga is the oldest recorded health science developed as part of the tantric civilization which existed in india and all parts of the world more than 10,000 years ago.

India preserved the tradition, within their philosophy called ’darshana’, the miracle of yoga was hidden in the mists of time.

The word yoga means ‘unity’ or’ oneness’ derived from the sanskrit word ’yuj’ which means ‘to join’. On a practical level it provides the means of bringing health and balance to the body, mind and emotions.

Yoga unifies the 3 fundamental requirements for a person to achieve a contented life:

Physical health within the body.
Psychological well-being and heightened consciousness.
A joyful spirit, with accompanied inner peace.
On this path you will learn how to balance and harmonize the vital energy within the body. By purifying and strengthening the body and thereby preventing the leakage of this vital energy, you will find stores of it increasing within yourself thus stimulating higher levels of awareness.

You will learn how these subtle energies flowing through the body can be harnessed and controlled, how to harmonize body, breathe and mind and also open the currents of psycho-physical energy to penetrate the understanding of super consciousness.

Yoga is more than physical; it is cellular, mental, emotional and spiritual and teaches the highest principles of spiritual living. It is meditation with movement leading to a body filled with ease, not disease; a useful existence, a joyful spirit.

You were born because you have a special gift; something you can contribute to make the world better. At no other time did the world need yoga more than now… by learning techniques from our wisdom traditions, you can still your own mind, heal your own inner world and with your own peace bring peace to all those around you.

Just as one star has the capacity to light up the heavens, one peaceful meditating soul has the capacity to light up all lives about them.

By learning to teach yoga you will be involved in the most rewarding and fulfilling profession, so badly needed not only by the individuals within our communities, but by the world itself. This is a career in mind-body health where you will enable yourself to touch the lives of thousands of students.

Bks Iyengar says
“learn to learn, learn to teach, teach to learn and teach to teach….”
You will equip yourself with specialized skills-organizational, entrepreneurial, and professional as you learn the principles and techniques of this holistic, healing science. The benefits of this course in natural living will improve not only your physical, mental and spiritual well-being but lead to greater happiness within your relationships and entire environment.

Peace yoga is a classical form and needs to be taught with conviction and sincerity. Through the expansion of your own consciousness about the essential truths presented through these incomparable teachings, you will be pivotal in enriching the lives of others. It doesn’t get better than that!

You will personally experience the joy of not only becoming a yoga instructor but a true yogi as well. You never knew you could feel so good!

You will penetrate the profound nature of yoga which takes you from the surface of your skin to the depths of your very soul. It is a journey we will share together into wholeness and delight.

Peace yoga teacher training integrates an advanced program of yoga teaching and development that combines postures (asanas); breathing (pranayama), esoteric studies , meditation, relaxation, dina charya, (daily regime), life science (ayurveda), anatomy, work and life skills.

Please understand the instructor courses are not merely workshops or retreats but study intensives, so be prepared to work and learn. Preparing to teach is a wonderful way to learn, and you will marvel as you experience the healing and transformational effects of yoga within your own being.

Even if you don’t intend to teach (though I’m sure you will), you may be already teaching and desire to deepen your practice, upgrade or re-certify. You will enable yourself to earn a healthy living as you find the practical application of your new found knowledge enhances your own life and the lives of those around you.

Your course begins with a discussion of self-mastery and purpose, leading into anatomy and physiology for yoga teachers then encompassing an overview of yoga anatomy with its own special concept of psychic anatomy, higher physiology, introduction to the 3 bodies, 5 sheaths, the yogic understandings of life and consciousness. Body awareness leads us to the higher awareness of the subtle body, its stored power, kundalini, and the energy vortexes; the chakras.

You will be introduced to ayuryoga, the science of unified living for self-healing. You will learn the science of body type in balance and maximizing your health and longevity, how to use herbs, exercise and lifestyle factors and purification measures as tools for health.

You will be taught ’sadhana’, personalized spiritual practice with yogic terminology on which yogic observation and practice is based.

You will receive professional training in how to teach yoga, including the proper pacing and sequence of yoga postures - asanas practiced to gain steadfast posture, health and lightness in the body. All asanas are intended to directly or indirectly quiet the mind. The majority of asanas have been designed to strengthen the body and recondition the system-mentally, physically and emotionally also developing the nervous and glandular systems.

The course will promote within you the

Personal qualities needed to commend yoga to your pupils
the verbal ability to describe postures and movements
Practical ability to lead students in relaxation techniques, breathing sequences, postures and movements.
Ability to lead a class into a successful experience of contemplation and concentration.
Knowledge of the extensive literature on the subject which will enable you to advise your students.
You will gain knowledge on the 8 limbs of yoga, the history, and philosophy of yoga.

At the completion of the course you will be proficient in teaching asana, pranayama, enough for a complete beginner course, general course,. Pregnancy, children, brain yoga, Core Strength classes, couples yoga course plus be a fully qualified reiki and seichim master.

You do not need to be wonderful at yoga to apply. Your training will help you develop.

Yoga asks a lot from you…

and Devotion…
are mandatory.
You will need to be…

Mature and dependable.
Prepared to make and devote time.
Devoted to the art of yoga.
Willing to learn.
Applicants should have a sincere interest in the study of yoga and natural healing arts along with a real desire to use this knowledge and skills in the service of all.

Teaching Course Details
This course is adaptable to the needs of the students and will include at least 245 contact hours in a format suitable to teacher trainees and studio (currently run as study afternoons).

These will be run at Peace Yoga studio / Burleigh Heads on dates to be advised and to suit participants.

One weekend retreat at Springbrook Mountain, April 2008 will also be a compulsory.

As this is a component of the course, this will be available at a special teacher’s rate as per program as all inclusive, accommodation and food.

During your course you will be offered all inclusive, 14 two hour sessions where you will be able to observe and assist, to enhance your teaching skills and allow you to strengthen your relationships within the student body at Peace Yoga.

There will also be eight study workshops covering tantra yoga, pregnancy, and post-natal yoga, children’s and baby yoga, brain yoga and Core Strength classes, reiki and seichim included in your course.

The rest of the study is home based, requiring three examinations as well as assignment work.

It is self-paced so it is up to the individual as to when they will receive their certification, although it is offered over a twelve month period and can be completed at that time or longer as required.

It is also essential that teacher trainees spend at least two hours a week "on the mat" within a Peace Yoga class.

If you are living a long distance away, special consideration will be given and your hours can be certified by your local school.

It is expected that you will achieve a recorded 100 hours "on the mat” within a 12 month period.

There are classes available at:

Burleigh Heads – Gold Coast
Teacher trainees can expect to be fully qualified after twelve months part time study, but the possibility remains that you can be qualified earlier if all criteria is successfully completed.

Teacher trainees are starting to record their class times immediately so all hours will be counted toward their certification. A reading list will be forwarded immediately application is accepted so students can begin their home study.

Attunements in natural healing

Reiki One
Reiki Two
Attunements are also included within this course.


It is a pre-requisite of this course that teacher trainees are 18 years of age or over and is preferable that applicants have one year previous attendance at Peace Yoga or another school, all applications however will still be considered on their own merits.


The workshops are included within your course fees.

You will receive certification in these levels and become qualified practitioners.

Master level includes the capacity to pass these attunements onto others so you will be qualified not only to heal, but also to pass on attunements and teach others.

We are now offering some free classes towards your certification ( conditions apply here so please ask)
Deposit of $500.00 is payable on application and outstanding balance to be paid prior to commencement of course. Credit Card facilities are available.

This fee is GST inclusive.

Please contact us for more information.

Yoga Teaching Course Information
This course will provide you not only with a life-long livelihood, but also a life, ‘long’, ‘enriched’ and ‘fulfilling’.

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