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Gold Coast Community

This page is for the benefit of residents and visitors to Australia's Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Community is a free service founded by Dominique - the Gold Coast Facebook Coach (

Admins include an architect, a social worker, a nurse, a scientist, a psychology student, an environmentalist, a midwife....

To post anon please go to



Gold Coast Community Page encourages honest, friendly and open conversation and reserves the right to remove comments which stop this happening. When people are detrimental to others’ enjoyment of this page, they are banned and no correspondence is entered into.


** Do you share commercial posts /ads/events?

No. Commercial posts are not shared / reposted. In July 2013 a questionnaire on this page showed that commercial posts / ads were the least liked feature.

If you are a business and 'spam' our likers by commenting irrelevantly under an existing post - that constitutes an immediate ban.

If you are a business and engage in self-promotion by offering services to posters and commenters who haven’t specifically asked for the services you offer, your comments will be deleted. Continued breaches will result in a ban.

** Do you share competitions?

We only share comps that offer a substantial prize worth $150+ or that offer free tickets to an event. Entrants should only have to like /comment or share a page or an image in order to enter. We don't share competitions that are dependent on a purchase or any other 'catch' such as attending an event etc. NOTE: For purely commercial comps designed to generate branding, posts may not be shared as often as you like.

** I want free stuff can I ask through your page?

No. We do not share posts from people who request free items or donations of monies on this page. There is no way I can verify whether the person needing the item or funds is genuine and - having been duped by 'takers' in the past - this page no longer shares such posts. When this page asks for item donations (never for funds) it does so on behalf of two local organisations with which it is aligned. One is via Kerry Dunn of St Vinnies who is an admin on this page for this very purpose. The other is via Stefanie Cooper a Social Worker at My Friend's Place a centre for victims of domestic violence.

We work with Kerry and Stef knowing that those we are helping have gone through a screening process and have been deemed to be truly in need / distress.

We do not repost requests for free furniture/ goods / monies that we receive from people who need them because they're a 'single parent' or are 'new to the area' or who are 'strapped for cash' - there are many other fb pages, fb groups and websites that specialise in that type of thing such as

Long term followers know that we do much to help our community both via the page and in real life.

For those truly in need, the St Vincent de Paul helpline number is 5561 4702 - Mon to Fri 8:30am - 3:30pm

** Do you share items for sale or requests for items for sale?

No - we recommend you use EBay, Gumtree and 'trading post' type Facebook pages & groups instead.

We do share theme park / concert tickets for sale - but only if sold at face value (not scalped) - we feel that it might give someone an opportunity to attend a concert that they perhaps missed getting tickets for - also tickets for sale don't come up as often as say.... cars and couches for sale, so the likers' feed doesn't get cluttered.

** I am giving something away for free - can I post about it?

Sure! Giveaways need to be in good working order and - if repairs are needed - then please let us know this when you post. Free items find a home very quickly on the page - just make sure you're fair and give the item to the first person who comments - or - if you have asked to be PMd, then give it to the first person to do that.Thank you.

** Do you share Garage Sales?

No, we suggest you post / browse on

** I am looking for a job - will you share my post?

No, sorry - if we shared one, we'd have to share dozens upon dozens per day. There are many websites as well as Facebook pages and groups for job seekers that result from doing a Google search.

** I am looking for accommodation to buy or rent - do you share these requests?

No, there are many websites you can browse for this purpose and for example.

** Not everything that is posted by others to the page is shared. Concerning what is shared onto its timeline, admins reserve the right to shorten and edit posts. If you do not agree with this - do not post.

Personal circumstances are removed from posts that request recommendations for products or services - i.e. if you ask for a cheap fridge repairer for your sick aunt who lives in a shoe with 24 kids... - the repost will only mention you need a cheap fridge repairer. Similarly, when claiming free items posted to the page - a request is made that no personal circumstances are stated when claiming.

** Do you share other pages / groups?

Rarely - if we do it's because they pertain to a news item such as a page set up to raise awareness re: a missing person.

** Do you share GoFundMe pages?

The policy on our page is to not share GoFundMes (and similar) we are volunteers with families and full time jobs who don't have the time to verify the authenticity of them all - and several are posted to the page every week.

We feel a duty of care and don't wish to direct our likers to something that could be a scam - and believe us it happens - take for example the dude that, until we banned him, posted a different GoFundMe link to the page every other day about various terminally ill aunts, cousins, etc - yes, sick, we know.

So, we now have a blanket 'no share' policy re: GoFundMe pages and similar other ones. Thanks for understanding our predicament.


Often, followers of this page reach out and ask for help with issues concerning either their own mental health or that of a loved one.

We would like to remind you all that if a life is in danger then your first call should be to 000.

You can also visit to your GP and think aloud with her/him about what is going on in your life and ask for a Mental Health Care Plan which will entitle you to extra professional psychology/psychiatry help.

Don't forget that you can always call 1300 MHCALL which is the direct line to the acute mental health team. You can also go to the nearest Accident and Emergency Unit 24/7/365 and ask for their help.

Lifeline have a crisis support chat line on 13 11 14 which operates 24 hrs - please stay with us :) call now - there are so many people just waiting for the opportunity to help you.


NOTE RE: FREE FIT CLUBS - April 2014 - We received complaints that Gold Coast Community Page was promoting free fit clubs whose trainers are not qualified and who may not be insured. Page founder Dominique looked into these clubs and yes, the 2 brought to her attention are 'fronts' for multi-level-marketing businesses that sell weight-management shakes. Those who attend are encouraged to buy the Herbalife or Isagenix products....and that's the catch.

We support the notion of people getting fit - however, as Admins we cannot knowingly 'direct' people to be trained by unqualified individuals who may not hold current First Aid & CPR qualifications, who may not be insured and further, who may not have a Blue Card (if children are welcome to attend the sessions too).

Admin Dominique contacted the 'trainers' of the 2 clubs brought to her attention and both 'personal trainers' were not qualified, were uninsured etc.

This page therefore only shares the free trials /classes / promotions of legitimate gyms/ trainers etc who are fully qualified (minimum Cert 3 or 4 in fitness), have public liability insurance and who hold First Aid & CPR certificates as required by Fitness Australia.

Disclaimer: Gold Coast Community page can neither review all material that is posted on the page nor ensure prompt removal of objectionable material. Accordingly, we assume no liability for any action or inaction regarding transmissions, communications or content provided by third parties. Under no circumstances will Gold Coast Community page be responsible or liable in any way for any content, including but not limited to, any errors or omissions in the content, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of any content communicated on this facebook page, whether by its admins or a third party. In no event shall the admins of this page be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits arising out of or in connection with the availability, use or performance of any information communicated on this facebook page.

Welcome to the Gold Coast's largest community page - House Rules are in the 'About' section. Be nice :)

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